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At Trust Pest Control Melbourne we specialise in removing all kinds of nasty insects and bugs. We are experts in residential and commercial pest control for homes and business owners. Most Aussies can relate to having to deal with pests in and around their homes. Whether it’s ants, spiders, roaches, rats and mice or even possums living in the roof. These bugs can not only be an eyesore but they bring real health and property risks. That’s why it’s best to enlist the help of a reliable pest control company. With our expertise and friendly smile, you are gauarantee to be satisfied. Talk to us today about an effective pest control solution for you. Whether its getting rid of roach problems or even an inspection to check for termites and other bugs, we do it all. We know what to do when it comes to eradicating those annoying pests.

We can help you protect your home, and your families well being. Together, we’ll put an end to your unwanted pest problems for good.

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About Us

Trusted by name and trusted by nature. Trust Pest Control Melbourne is a locally owned. We provide reliable and effective pest solutions. From expert pest removals to taking care of the environment by carefully selecting the products we use. You can TRUST you’re in safe hands. We take pride in dedication to 100% customer satisfaction. We aim to offer the best service to suit your unique needs. With over 10 years of experience, we’ve built a reputation for excellent service, being fair and honest pricing. Combined with our expert team that use their skills to deliver great results. We’re proud members of the AEPMA so we care about our planet. We are fully licensed, and insured to give you complete assurance. Trust our company with your pest problems, and we’ll deliver exceptional results. With a warranty for domestic homeowners, you are guaranteed to get results or we come back to fix it, free of charge.

Pests can pose serious risks to your health. They can cause allergies, contaminate meals, damage structures, and even transmit diseases.

Don’t let pests ruin your day. We can help you reclaim your space and keep it pest-free.

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Pest Controller in Melbourne

How We Solve the Problem

Our team of pest control experts who identifies the root of your pest problem. The trained technicians from us will then implement a range of targeted solution to remove all issues. These include sprays, gels, traps and fumigation options.

Residential Pest Control

Your home should be a sanctuary, not a haven for pests. For residential clients, we provide a comprehensive interior and exterior pest treatment. This service targets ants, roaches, spiders and other creepy crawlies which can enter your house. That’s why our residential pest control packages provide effective, long-lasting results. Our treatments ensure these critters are removed from the premises once and for all. We also back our excellent service up with a guarantee from returning infestations with our 6 month warranty. In addition to extermination treatments, our professional technicians will assist clients with preventative methods after eliminating unwanted creatures from their properties. Trust us to keep your home safe from type of pest.

Commercial Pest Management

We also offer commercial and industrial pest solutions and control treatments designed to suit a wide range of businesses. These include shopping outlets, office buildings, industrial districts and more. A single pest sighting can ruin a businesses reputation. Not to mention disrupt operations, and even your bottom line. Keeping a commercial property free of pests is essential. Trust’s commercial pest control services are tailored to the unique needs of your business.

Our professional service team will work with you to develop a customised pest treatment plan that targets existing pests and proactively prevents future issues. Our proven methods are designed to rid your premises of pests or unwanted animals quickly and effectively. Whether you own a restaurant, office, retail store, or warehouse, we have the expertise to keep your commercial space clean, healthy, and pest-free.

Call our commercial team today to find out more. Phone us on 03 8595 9881.

Pest Inspections

To help detect existing pest and rodent issues on the premises, we offer a comprehensive pest inspection service. Carefully conducted by experienced technicians, our inspection services offer a deeper look into areas susceptible to these critters. Enlisting the help of an expert pest inspector, ensures that no stone is left unturned when it comes to identifying potential pest hot-spots. We’ll also idenify damage caused by critters in your homes or commercial premise.

Our inspection services go beyond just identifying visible signs of pest activity. We use advanced methods to inspect all areas of your home. These include wall cavities and roof voids, to detect any hidden issues. By finding these issues early on, we can help keep your home safe and prevent costly repair bills. Our comprehensive inspection reports provide you with valuable information and recommendations to maintain a pest-free space. If you are buying a home and need to check for structural defects as well, consider a building and pest inspection for complete peace of mind.

Termite Control

They are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. They cause billions of dollars in damage each year in Australia. To combat them that enter and cause damage to properties, we offer a unbeatable termite prevention service. Known in the industry as “white ants” can cause major structural damage to buildings, costing homeowners thousands of dollars in repair fees. To prevent termite infestation from occurring in the first place, we offer a range of solutions. For live spraying and termite barriers, our technicians use Termidor® liquid termiticide. Known in the pest control industry for superior control with long lasting results. Our experienced team will also advise on a wide variety of termite treatments.

Pest Control Treatment for Cockroaches

Cockroach Control

They are one of the most common pests in Melbourne. These creatures are known for their incredible ability to adapt and thrive, even in less than ideal conditions. Unfortunately, these same traits make roaches difficult to control if professional help is not sought.

If left unchecked, they can cause serious health risks as they transmit diseases, contaminate surfaces, and trigger allergies and asthma. They also often create foul odors due to their fecal matter which can quickly spread throughout a home or business.

Our team of trusted experts have developed effective approaches to address all aspects of an infestation with great service and minimal disruption. We take pride in tailoring our services to eliminate your entire cockroach infestation for good.

Ant Control

Ants travel fast, live in large colonies and cause chaotic destruction to wherever they go. The most common type of ant found here in Australia is the black-headed or sugar ant; but there are literally hundreds of different types of ants out there, each with its own unique challenges when it comes to control. A stubborn ant problem can be hard to treat. Our ant control services are here to help get rif of ants and make sure they dont return.

Our team of experts will identify the ant species infesting your premise and use the most effective treatment methods to control them. We’ll also provide advice on how to stop future ant infestations, so you can enjoy your home, free from ants.

Spider Control

Spiders are one of the most common problem across Australia, and for good reason. While some spiders provide quite a nuisance with their webs and movements around the house, there can be more serious safety precautions necessary to keep your home free from spiders. With venomous species such as redback, funnel web and the white-tailed spider present in Australia, it’s essential to ensure your home is regularly treated professionally.

We offer tailored plans specifically designed for controlling spiders which combine inspection measures and targeted treatments in areas where they are likely to occur. Our technicians will also assist you in identifying problems or conditions that may be encouraging spiders in or around your house. Following the initial treatment, our regular follow up services ensure ongoing protection against any potential spider nests before they become a problem.

Rodent Control

Rodents can cause untold damage when left unchecked – gnawing through wood, insulation and electric wiring, carrying numerous infectious diseases and contaminating food sources. In addition, many common species such as rats are notorious for spreading disease through droppings, urine or direct contact with humans or other animals.

By taking a proactive approach to controlling rodents you can avoid situations like this in your home or place of business. Our professional pest control solutions target rats and mice ensuring effective results over the long-term. Whether its poison baiting or trapping we have you covered!

With frequent termite inspections and monitoring throughout the season our comprehensive pest control services have you breathing a sigh of relief knowing that your property is safe from these pesky creatures once again. Feel confident acknowledging that you’re doing all your can to protect your loved ones from these health hazards by relying on our experienced professionals – after all it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Flea Control

Fleas can cause great discomfort for your family and pets. Our flea pest control specialists offer fast, effective relief for you and your furry friends. Our team will find the source, and implement targeted treatments to kill fleas and their eggs at all life stages. We’ll also advise you on how to prevent future flea infestations, ensuring you and your pets are free from these bugs.

Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs can turn your peaceful nights into sleepless ones, causing itchiness, discomfort, and even allergic reactions. A bed bug infestation can your affect your quality of life. Our bed bug control will help you reclaim your restful sleep. Once we locate the source we will start our proven bed bug treatments. This can include heat treatments, insecticides, or other proven techniques. We get great results removing bedbugs and prevent future outbreaks. But keep in mind they will need more than one treatment.

Customer With a Trust Pest Control Technician

DIY Control

While DIY methods may seem appealing, they often fall short in providing good results. For the best results and effective pest control solutions, you need to hire experts with experience. The team from Trust Pest Control Melbourne, have the expertise and resources to tackle pest issues effectively and prevent future issues.

Pest Control Treatment Services

We treat all types of pests with the following services. These include cockroach control, ant control, spider treatment, flea treatments, bed bug control, rat and mice control, silverfish control and tick removal, mosquito extermination, plus bees and wasps exterminated.

Why Choose Us

  • 10 Years Industry Experience
  • Commercial and Domestic Experts
  • Certified, Licensed and Insured
  • Local Knowledge & Eradication Techniques
  • Customised solutions and pest prevention advice
  • 100% satisfaction
  • Guaranteed results
  • Eco-friendly options
  • Latest technology
  • Affordable pricing
  • Free quotes
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  • Excellent support

About Melbourne City

Melbourne is a vibrant city, known for its diverse culture, stunning architecture, and beautiful parks. With a warm climate and thriving urban environment, it’s not surprising that pests can be a problem for homes and businesses in the area.

Locations We Service in Melbourne

  • CBD and Central Business Areas
  • Melbourne South Eastern Suburbs
  • Northern Suburbs
  • West Melbourne
  • Richmond
  • St Kilda
  • Brunswick
  • South Yarra
  • Northcote
  • Fitzroy
  • Caulfield
  • Footscray
  • Essendon
  • Box Hill
  • Ringwood
  • Croydon

Check our our service areas to find out if we are in your neighbourhood.


Is your standard pest service safe?

Yes. We use eco-friendly and low-toxicity products which are safe for children and pets.

How often should I get professional pest control  on my house?

We recommend every 6 to 12 cooler months for the average home. If you have an existing pest infestation you may need to increase the frequency of visits.

How long after pest control technicians treat my home can I clean?

It is recommended to wait at least 24-48 hours after a pest control treatment before cleaning the treated areas. This allows the chemicals enough time to settle and dry properly.

Is a general pest control spray effective?

Yes. It can be very effective and safe for eliminating pests. Plus we give you a warranty so if any come back we will retreat your home at no cost.

How long does a a typical pest treatment take to work?

The length of time it takes for general pest control to work varies depending on several factors. These include the type of pest, level of infestation, method of treatment and type of insecticide used. However treatments usually take anywhere from a few days up until two weeks or warmer months before full effectiveness is reached.

How much does pest control cost?

Our prices start from $220 for one ant in any house to to 4 bedrooms.

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