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Rodent Control in Melbourne

Do you suspect a rodent problem? Mice and rats can cause big headaches if left unchecked. Getting rid of them quickly keeps your home clean and family healthy. With 10+ years experience on controlling these pests, Trust Pest Control Melbourne stops rodent problems for good. Call for a free quote to remove rat infestations.

Rodents like rats and mice seem harmless. But they spread disease and damage homes. Their droppings and urine spread germs. They chew wires and insulation. Nesting rodents also attract bugs. Stopping them fast keeps your house protected from these threats. Having an effective rodent pest control solution is your best defence against rats and mice.

Don’t let a rodent problem get out of control. Our licensed techs stop rodents in their tracks. We offer guarantees to get the job done right the first time. You’ll have complete peace of mkind knowing we treated and eliminated all nesting sites.

Contact us to talk with our experts and get all your questions answered. We gaurantee safe, effective rodent removal services.

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What are rodents?

Rodents are small mammals with long front teeth (incisors) that grow continuously throughout their life. They make up the largest group of mammals worldwide. The most common urban species are the roof rat, Norway rat, and house mouse. Known for chewing and gnawing behaviors, rodents use their sharp incisors to chew through a wide variety of hard materials like wood, drywall, electrical cables and more as they search for food and build nests.

Rodents pose health risks, spread diseases, contaminate food, and damage buildings and wiring with their constant need to chew. Allowing them to live and breed in your property can quickly lead to a large-scale infestation.

These creatures can find their way into homes, businesses, restaurants, and other structures.

Keeping rodent pests out of your home is important to prevent property damage and health hazards.

Signs of Infestation

They will look for warm places to hide close to a food source.

  • Rat Droppings (Faeces)
  • Structural damage
  • Gnawing and teeth marks
  • Building Nests in Cardboard, Paper and other Nesting materials
  • Scurrying noises in roof voids and walls at night
  • A musky rodent urine smell

How to Control and Prevent Rodents

  • Seal up entry points and gaps
  • Store food in secure containers
  • Clear clutter and hiding spots
  • Use humane traps and bait stations
  • Work with a professional exterminator

What to do if you have a problem?

DIY treatments still not working? Call Trust Pest Control Melbourne on 03 8595 9881 for a fast response to remove rodents. Our professional pest control experts can inspect your property to identify entry points and use rodent bait stations and humane traps. We’ll then implement a complete rodent treatment plan to eliminate your infestation and prevent re-entry.

Rat Control Treatments

Our Rodent Control Services

  • Inspection and identification
  • Humane trapping
  • Rat baiting systems (Both Plastic and Cardboard Rodent Bait Stations)
  • Mice nest removal
  • Mice Infestations Removed
  • Attic and crawl space sealing
  • Post-treatment follow up

Digital Rodent Monitoring

In addition to traditional rodent treatment methods, we offers an innovative digital rodent monitoring system. We strategically place digitally-connected stations around the interior and exterior of your home to continuously monitor for rodent activity.

Our digital monitors use advanced motion sensing, temperature detection, and other sensors to detect the presence of rats, mice or squirrels around your property. Whenever rodents are detected, you receive instant alerts to your phone or email.

We can then promptly dispatch our rodent control experts to humanely trap and remove the pests before they cause damage. We identify entry points used by the rodents to get in so we can seal up holes and other access points. This prevents further infestations.

Digital rodent monitoring provides 24/7 surveillance without the use of pesticides or poisons. If rodent activity is detected, we are notified immediately so we can take swift action to eliminate the pests. This prevents rodent problems from escalating into larger infestations.

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  • 10+ years experience
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  • Humane trapping solutions
  • Warranty on work
  • AEPMA Members

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We service both domestic and commercial property owners in all Melbourne Metro areas.

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