Mosquito Control Melbourne

If you’re like most Aussie families, you love spending time in your backyard and garden. But it’s hard to relax outdoors when mosquitoes keep biting! Getting those red, itchy welts ruins all your fun.

Here’s the good news , you don’t have put up with these pests anymore. Our team at Trust Pest Control Melbourne has over 10 years of experience helping families in Melbourne take back their yards from mosquitoes.

We are fully licensed and insured to use safe, effective treatments approved for use around gardens and homes. Our technicians know exactly how to break the breeding cycle of mosquitoes so your yard stays bite-free. This means you can enjoy barbecuing, playing with pets, gardening and more without slapping them the whole time!

Many families waste money trying to battle these pests on their own with store sprays. But these products don’t last and they keep coming back. Our professional treatments give long-lasting control of both adult mosquitoes and their larvae.

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Our Mosquito Control Expertise

With over a decade of experience, our licensed technicians have the knowledge to effectively treat mosquito infestations and allow you to reclaim your outdoor living areas. We utilise integrated pest management plans that combine targeted spraying methods and barrier treatments. We are the pest prevention and protection specialists.

The Risks

They aren’t just a nuisance – they can transmit dangerous diseases like Malaria, Zika, West nile virus, Ross River fever, Dengue fever, Barmah Forest virus disease, and Murray Valley encephalitis virus. Don’t wait until someone gets sick. Proactively treat your property to avoid health problems.

Our Mosquito Treatment Solutions

We offer layered treatments to break the female mosquito life cycle, including:

  • Targeted liquid spraying using environmentally-friendly pyrethrin insecticides
  • Residual barrier sprays like deltamethrin and bifenthrin
  • Growth regulator treatments to inhibit mosquito larvae development
  • Mist fogging to instantly knock down adult populations

About These Annoying Bugs

They belong to a large family called Culicidae. There are over 3,500 types around the world! More than 50 kinds live right here in Australia. Some get blood meals from humans while others bite animals.

A few mosquito species can spread diseases like Ross River Virus when they feed. The main biters in Melbourne backyards are the Australian backyard mosquito and major pest.

How They Grow

They go through 4 life stages. Stopping them at different phases helps control their breeding spot:

  1. Eggs – Females lay rafts of eggs on standing water.
  2. Larvae – Eggs hatch into “wrigglers” that live in water.
  3. Pupae – Turn into more adult-form before emerging.
  4. Adults – Grown mosquitoes bite, mate and lay more eggs.

Mosquitoes We Target

The species of mosquitoes around Melbourne homes and businesses that we focus treatments on include:

  • Australian backyard mosquito
  • Common banded mosquito
  • Saltmarsh
  • Major pest

These all readily bite people. Controlling the source of water and plants around your yard limits where they live and breed.

Signs of an Infestation

Itchy bites, especially in the evening and morning hours, indicate active two-winged insects nearby. You’ll also notice them buzzing around or spotting larvae “wrigglers” in standing water sources. Take action before mosquito populations grow out of control.

DIY vs Professional Mosquito Control

DIY sprays only temporarily reduce them and don’t stop new ones from constantly developing. Let our licensed techs apply residual chemicals and growth regulators in key spots to break the life cycle. We also mist fog large areas.

Our Mosquito Control Services

  • Barrier treatments
  • Targeted liquid spraying
  • Insect growth regulator application
  • Mist fogging for events
  • Complete property treatments
  • Pre and post construction treatments

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you need to treat?

Frequency depends on the materials used and severity of infestation. Often monthly or quarterly applications maintain control seasonally.

Do your chemicals harm my garden?

No, we use eco-friendly treatments labeled for use around gardens, water features, and turf areas when applied properly.

When is mosquito season?

In Melbourne’s changing climate, they can be active for a period of 9+ months a year. Treat proactively instead of reactively!

What about mosquito repellent?

Repellents only protect skin temporarily. Our treatments eliminate them at breeding areas for long-term control.

Why are there dead mosquitoes after treating?

Correctly applied professional chemicals knock down existing adults. But treatments also stop future generations from developing.

Should we install insect screens?

Screens help keep flying bugs out of homes but don’t stop mosquito breeding grounds outside. Our barrier treatments establish protective zones around yards to prevent infestations.

What natural predators kill mosquitoes?

Bats, birds, and dragonflies prey on mosquitoes, but usually not enough in suburban areas to control infestations. Our treatments supplement limited natural control.

Do mosquitoes breed in pools?

Stagnant water in unattended swimming pools can allow larvae development. Properly chlorinated and filtered pools aren’t breeding places. We can treat nearby sources to limit infestations.


“No more mosquito bites after our pest control service and we began regular treatments. Now we actually use our yard regularly!” – Linda S.

“I used to avoid my garden due to mosquitoes. Thanks to these guys, now I happily garden mosquito-bite free.” – James W.

“Mosquito fogging allowed my outdoor graduation party to happen smoothly without annoying bugs. Great professional service!” – Sarah D.

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