Guide To Pest Control Licenses in Victoria

Pest Control License Victoria

Pest control is an important factor in keeping public health and safety at a satisfactory level in Victoria. This is why the Victoria Department of Health issues three different types of licenses for professionals and others to carry out pest control operations safely and effectively.

Types of Licenses

The three categories of pest control licenses offered by the Victorian Department of Health are:

  • Technician
  • Trainee
  • Interstate Operator

Additionally, depending on their operations, applicants may require one or more authorisations such as:

  • General authorisation (excluding/including timber pests)
  • Pest animals authorisation
  • Fumigant authorisation

Application for a Pest Control License

Getting a proper license requires completing the appropriate application form and submitting it via email. The required forms differ based on the type of license they want. Fully qualified technicians, trainees under supervision, or interstate operators must use different forms accordingly.

License Fees

Annually updated fees are listed on the department’s website according to the type of license. Payment can be done using credit card or EFTPOS after getting instructions with the application form.

Current Fees as of April 24 2023

Licence type



Technician licence$691.103 years
Trainee licence$229.401 year
Interstate operator licence$74.903 years

Eligibility Requirements

Those who want to acquire a full licence should check that they have obtained the proper qualifications listed on Schedule 1 of the PHW Regulations. Approved Courses and Qualifications section. For more details they can refer to the Guidelines as specified on the department’s website.

Fees & Refunds Policies

Updated prices are due every year following Monetary Units Act 2004 regulations. If an applicant considers their licensing process finished but wants a refund, there are conditions stated at Pest Control Application Refund Policy laying out the circumstances where refunds can be provided and how it works.


How long does it take to process my application?

The department goes through the license applications that it has been given in the order which they were received. There is no ‘fast-track’ option for urgent licenses. They do their best to handle everything as quickly as possible. It should take about a week from when the payment is processed until the license is provided, and using a credit card will speed up this process. Failing to provide all of the necessary information can add some time to this process since we are unable to take any applications without completing them all first.

I have a license from Interstate, can I work in Victoria as Pest technician?

If you have a valid pesticide user licence from your home state or territory, you can apply for an interstate operator pest control licence to work in Victoria. These licences are valid for 3 years and cost $74.90. To get one, download the application form from the department’s website and email it to Starting from 1 July 2021, automatic mutual recognition (AMR) will also be offered in Victoria so that someone who is licensed/registered in another jurisdiction to perform the same activities can do so without any additional application/registration fees.


It is important for those interested in pest control profession in Victoria to do their own research. The Government is continually making improvements which means rules and fees may change without notice.

If you could like to start career in pest control please contact the department of health. You will also need to find a training partner to fulfil the theory and practical parts of the assessment. If you are looking for fully trained pest technicians to treat common pests on your property then contact our friendly team.