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Ants invading your Melbourne home? Don’t let these insects invade your space. Trust Pest Control Melbourne has over 10 years of experience getting rid of ants.

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Ants aren’t just a nuisance. They can cause property damage over time. Ant infestations originate from the outdoors, where they build nests and search for food. Once inside, ants contaminate surfaces as they forage for sweets, fats, proteins and moisture. An ant problem will only get worse without proper treatment.

Our trained pest technicians will inspect your home, and identify ant nest locations. They’ll then use professional-grade products to eliminate ants at the source. We offer interior and exterior  spraying, granule treatments, ant bait stations and dust applications for long-term prevention. We stand by our pest control work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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What are ants?

Ants are social insects that live in colonies. There are over 12,000 known ant species. They have three body segments, six legs, antennas, and strong mandibles to carry objects. Worker ants forage for nourishment and can quickly recruit others to food sources through chemical trails. These pests thrive in warmer environments and are most active in spring and summer. Common attractants include sugars, fats, proteins, and grease.

Ant colonies:

  • Queen ant – A single egg-laying female whose only job is reproduction. The queen can live up to 30 years.
  • Male ants – Short-lived males that mate with new queens. Males have wings and die shortly after mating.
  • Worker ants – Sterile females that cannot reproduce. Workers hunt, defend the nest, and care for the queen and her eggs. Workers make up most of the colony.

The workers searching for food in your kitchen or garden are the foragers. By controlling these workers, you can eliminate the entire colony. That’s our speciality!

Signs of Infestation

Signs that ants have invaded your home include:

  • Ant trails along walls, floors, counters
  • See them swarming food sources
  • Nesting materials near entry points
  • Winged ants emerging indoors

How to Control and Prevent Ants

  • Seal cracks, holes, and entry points
  • Clean up spills and residue – this is the #1 reason for attracting ants
  • Store food in sealed containers
  • Use baits or sprays in problem areas
  • Treat nests directly with insecticide

What to Do if You Have an Ant Problem?

If you suspect pests have infested your house, contact Melbourne’s ant removal specialists. Our licensed technicians will:

  • Inspect your home and determine treatment needed
  • Apply targeted treatments to kill ants at the source
  • Seal up entry points to prevent re-infestation
  • Offer maintenance service to keep ants away

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We Treat Residential and Commercial Properties

Ants don’t discriminate between homes and businesses. They can invade any area in search of food!

For residential properties, ants can quickly multiply and colonise if left unchecked. They’ll find their way into your kitchen, bathrooms, and any other room with moisture or food residue.

For commercial properties like restaurants, offices, and other businesses, these insects pose an even bigger threat. After heavy rains, they will sneak inside looking for sugary or greasy snacks. Kitchenettes and breakrooms in offices frequently struggle with infestations. They’re attracted to crumbs from birthday cakes, uncovered items, and even biscuit crumbs left in desk drawers.

We also specialise in commercial ant treatment. Our licensed technicians will inspect your business to find exactly where they are entering and foraging. We use targeted treatments and seal up entry points to kick them out of your workplace for good. No more customer complaints or employees getting bitten by ants. Trust us to keep your building ant-free and functioning properly without future problems.


Ant Control Solutions in Melbourne VIC

Our Ant Control Services

  • Comprehensive inspection to locate nests
  • Targeted treatments for fast results
  • Baits, sprays, dusts – we use what works!
  • Seal up entry points to prevent re-infestation
  • Destroy nests at the source
  • Commercial and residential service
  • Effective control of all species
  • Child and pet friendly treatments
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction

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  • 10+ years experience
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  • Flexible scheduling
  • Full Warranty on all services
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