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Sick of those pesky white ants ruining your home? Our professional white ants control and extermination services banish these destructive pests for good. We feel your pain. Those tiny insects can cause teeming termite infestations and major structural damage if left unchecked.

At Trust Pest Control Melbourne, we’ve been helping folks get rid of ant invasions for over 10 years with proven chemical treatments and solutions. We know all their tricks and just how to send them packing for good.

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Our Experience and Expertise with White Ants

With over a decade of experience, our licensed technicians have what it takes to eliminate white ant infestations. We stay up-to-date on the latest treatment methods and use industry-leading chemicals and solutions.

The Trouble with White Ants

Left untreated, white ants can cause serious termite damage as they feast on wood. Their tunnels also increase the risk of collapse. Don’t let these tiny pests destroy your home.

Our Solution – How We Treat

  • Chemical soil barrier treatments
  • Targeted dustings and foam injections
  • Non-toxic baits
  • Follow-up inspections

We create customised plans using a mix of these proven treatment methods to eradicate white ants at the source.

About White Ants

White ants, also known as termites, are a major pest species found in many parts of the world. There are over 2,700 known termite species globally with around 350 species identified in Australia. White ants feast on wood and plant matter as their main food source.

These social insects live in colonies that can range from a few hundred to several million members. Each colony has distinct castes, workers, soldiers, and reproductive males and females. The worker caste makes up the majority and is responsible for foraging, feeding other members, and caring for eggs and larvae. Soldiers defend the nest while the queen lays thousands of eggs to swell colony numbers.

While the majority of termite species live underground or nest in wood, some known as drywood termites infest timber within structures. One highly destructive species in Australia is the subterranean termite Coptotermes acinaciformis, the most common house-infesting species. Their underground nests connect to above-ground mud foraging tubes that allow them to access wood food sources.

Common Species

  • Coptotermes
  • Mastotermes
  • Schedorhinotermes

Signs of Infestation

  • Mud tunnels
  • Hollow wooden sounds
  • Flyers swarming

If you notice these signs, contact us immediately for a regular inspection. Fast action is key against white ants or type of termite.

How To Get Rid Of White Ants

While some attempt DIY control methods, professional chemical soil treatments offer the best results. Our experts can fully eliminate white ant colonies.

DIY Versus Professional

DIY methods like borax dusts may seem cheaper but rarely work long-term. Save yourself the hassle and hire pros to correctly identify white ant species and use the right chemicals and treatment plans.

Our White Ants Control Services

  • Chemical barrier and physical barrier installations
  • Targeted nest treatments
  • Preventative dustings
  • Regular termite inspection
  • Wood replacement
  • Annual termite protection plans

We offer comprehensive white ant elimination and prevention services to rescue your home from destruction.


How do you know if I have white ants?

We perform thorough inspections checking for signs like hollow wooden sounds, mud tunnels, insect spotting, and damage. We can definitively confirm or rule out an active white ant infestation.

How long does white ant treatment take?

After an initial treatment, we follow up for 1-3 months to ensure the entire colony and queen are fully eliminated. Annual inspections help confirm your home remains protected.

Can white ant damage be repaired?

Yes! We can remove and replace any seriously damaged wooden structure elements. Effective treatment also halts further destruction. Catching white ants early makes fixing easier.

How do you treat white ants under a concrete slab?

Our termite specialists drill small holes and use advanced injection methods to get insecticidal liquids under slabs, eradicating white ants deep down. We seal everything to prevent excessive moisture entering afterwards.

Do you offer termite baiting systems?

Yes, termite baiting is one of the treatments we use to control and eliminate termite attacks. Bait stations lure foraging white ants to bring toxic bait back to kill off the mature colonies. This safe termite control method stops them before serious home damage occurs.


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