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Do you have a pest control issue in your Croydon home? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Our pest control Melbourne team have been providing expert service for over 10 years. Our experienced technicians are local to the Croydon area. They’re also all fully licensed and insured, so you can rest assured that any job will be done correctly and safely. And with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can trust that the solution we provide is one that’ll keep those pests away. For good. What’s more we offer a full warranty on our effective pest control solutions.

So if the pests come back, so do we. At no extra cost!

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Residential Pest Control Croydon

When it comes to residential pest issues, our team is here to make sure your home remains comfortable and safe for the whole family. From rat infestations to ants and cockroaches, our experts can detect the source of the problem and develop an effective strategy for guaranteeing complete pest removal. We also provide termite control and termite inspections for complete peace of mind. With prompt attention and 100% customer satisfaction we’ll have your home free from pests in no time.

Commercial Pest Control Croydon

For businesses in Croydon, our commercial pest management service can solve all problems. We use specialised techniques to exterminate insects and rodents while safeguarding your colleagues, property and customers. We guarantee quick response times by catering our services in accordance to each business’ environment. Whether onsite office space or facilities like warehouses, retail shops and restaurants, we treat all commercial properties. Expect lasting elimination of pests within hours – not days!

We also understand how stressful it can be running a commercial operation. So trust us in taking care of pest problems quickly so you can concentrate on whats important. Your business!

Pest Inspection Croydon

At Trust Pest Control, we understand that prevention is often better than cure. That’s why we offer detailed pest inspections across Croydon that identify existing infestations as well as potential entry points for unwanted guests. Should our technicians discover anything untoward during their inspection process, we’ll advise the best course of action going forward too.

Cockroach Control

The almightly cockroach. They seem to pop up everywhere and are nearly impossible to get rid of. We feel your pain and is here to help with our top-notch Cockroach Control treatment service. Our trained pest control experts will inspect your home, identify the hiding spots and exterminate those pesky cockroaches for good! We use environmentally-friendly methods that won’t harm you or your family. With our trained pest technicians by your side, you can finally breathe easy knowing those creepy crawlies won’t bother you anymore!

Spider Control

Spiders…those eight-legged intruders we all dread! Not only are they terrifying to look at, but some even bite! Thankfully, Trust Pest Control have got your back with effective spider treatments for all species. Our skilled pest control professionals will survey your home for webs and nests before striking hard against these unwanted visitors with safe yet effective pest treatments. Your safety is our priority. We’ll make sure those spiders are gone for good so that you can enjoy a worry-free home.

Bed Bug Control

Tossing and turning all night because of bed bugs? These tiny bloodsucking pests can be more than just annoying. They’re seriously damaging to both health and sleep quality too. Let our Pest Control team come to the rescue with our Bed Bug Control service! Our experienced team will thoroughly examine your living space, track down those nasty critters, and eliminate them using safe and eco-friendly methods. We’ll make sure your home is bed bug-free. Providing the peace of mind you deserve for a good night’s sleep. Say goodbye to itchy bites and restless nights. Trust Pest Control has got you covered!

Bird Control

Fed up with birds causing mess and damage around your property? Our experienced bird pest controllers will carefully inspect the affected areas of your home, identify the bird species involved, and implement humane yet effective measures to prevent them from returning. We use proven pest removal methods that won’t harm the birds or impact the environment.

  • Bird Netting: Our team installs high-quality, durable bird netting to cover areas where birds typically roost or nest. This creates a physical barrier that prevents them from access, effectively protecting your property from further damage.
  • Bird Spikes: We strategically install bird spikes on ledges, window sills, and roofs to deter birds from landing and nesting in those areas. These spikes are designed to be uncomfortable for the birds without causing any harm.

About Croydon

Croydon is a lovely suburb located about 27 kilometers east of Melbourne’s Central Business District. With its lush parks, tranquil environment, bustling shopping centers, well-connected transport facilities, and excellent schools. It really does have it all! That’s probably why over 28,000 proud residents are loving life there.

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