How to Choose A Pest Control Company

Advice for Choosing a Pest Control Company - You Can Trust

Choosing a pest control provider for your home or business can seem overwhelming at first. With so many options to choose from, how do you know which company is the best fit for your pest problem? Here are some key factors to consider when selecting a quality pest control service.

Do Your Research

Like with any service, you need to do some homework first.

  • Check Licensing, They should be licensed by the Victorian Health Department. You can check licenses here.
  • Memebershkips, Certifications, and Awards – Good companies will have proper affiliations and awards from industry groups such as AEPMA. This shows they follow best practices.
  • Look at Experience – Choose a company that has been in business for many years. Their website may show their history.
  • Make Sure They Have Insurance – Check they have liability and workers comp insurance. This protects you if accidents happen.
  • Compare Services Offered – Each company may offer different services. Make sure they can treat your unwanted pest issue. Some pest technicians only offer general pest treatment but may not be able to treat termite infestations.

Do They Have Reliable Customer Service

The customer service a company provides is very important.

  • Responsiveness – Do they answer calls and emails quickly? Can they come out soon if you have an emergency?
  • Professionalism – Are the technicians polite, respectful and knowledgeable? Well-trained technicians act professionally.
  • Communication – Does the company clearly explain their plans, methods and costs? Do they answer all your questions?
  • Guarantees – Good companies will stand behind their work. Look for satisfaction guarantees.

Do They Use Safe Methods?

You want services that are safe and get results.

  • Eco-Friendly Methods – Many companies now use green, natural methods. This limits harsh chemicals.
  • Targeted Treatments – The best companies use treatments focused on areas with pests only.
  • Follow Up – Make sure the company will come back to check pest infestations are fully gone. More treatments may be needed.
  • Warranties – For termites, companies should warranty their work for 3-6 months for most common pests.

Get Estimates and Ask Around

  • Compare Estimates – Get written estimates from 2-3 companies. Compare costs for the same services.
  • Ask for Referrals – Ask friends, family and neighbors for recommendations from their experiences. Reviews online can help too.
  • Trust Your Gut – Do you get a good feeling when the company visits? Pick the one you feel most comfortable with.


Q: How often are services needed?

A: It depends on the pest. Ongoing treatments may be needed monthly, quarterly or yearly. Ask what they recommend.

Q: Should I choose a big chain or local company?

A: Both have benefits. Bigger chains have more experience. Local companies know your area’s pests better. Get quotes from both.

Q: What details should I give when asking for a quote?

A: Give details on your home or business – size, pests seen, areas pests are active. More details help them give a better quote.

Q: What questions should I ask companies?

A: Ask about licenses, training, treatments, costs, guarantees and what results to expect. Also ask if they treat common pests like ants, cockroaches, spiders, bed bugs, termites.

Q: When should I call a pro?

A: If you see pests, droppings, damage, odd smells or have close contact, call a pro right away before pests spread.


Professional pest control services are are important to protect your health and well being. But choosing a reliable pest control specialist takes time. You should research many factors. Take time to thoroughly compare choices. The right company will give you peace of mind that pests are handled safely. With this guide, you can be confident picking a great pest control service.

Our Tip: Remmber to get atleast 3 quotes to compare. Prices can vary greatly between pest controllers.