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Warm weather means bees start buzzing around, interfering with your outdoor fun. Getting stung is no joke, and swarms near your home raise safety concerns. Don’t worry, we’re here to humanely remove bee nests and keep them from coming back.

With over 10 years of experience, Trust Pest Control Melbourne has the know-how to eliminate bee problems. We use gentle, eco-friendly methods so families and pets stay safe. And we stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee.

What makes us different is we don’t just eliminate current nests. Our licensed technicians take time to seal cracks and crevices so new hives can’t form. This prevents issues down the road. We also educate customers on prevention and offer maintenance plans.

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Our Experience and Expertise with Bees

Over 10 years removing nests, hives, and swarms both residential and commercial. Our licensed technicians have extensive knowledge working with all types of pest. We stay up-to-date on the latest methods and solutions for effective and environmentally friendly bee control and prevention.

The Trouble

  • Bee stings can cause severe allergic reactions
  • Swarms are unpredictable and can attack
  • Hives in walls or attics can lead to structural damage over time
  • They return every year if the queen isn’t removed

Our Bee Control Process

Our skilled team specializes in safely removing honeybee colonies, including the queen bee, from your premises, ensuring no damage to the delicate honeycomb structures. Our complete process includes:

  • Thorough inspection to locate all hives and entry points
  • Gentle vacuuming to safely extract the queen, workers, honey, and combs
  • Strategic use of approved sprays, dusts, foams near hives/nests when needed
  • Sealing cracks and crevices they use to enter and establishing future population

About Bees

There are over 20,000 known species of bees globally. Most species don’t have painful stings or live in hives. In our region, the main ones that nest in and around homes are European, Bumble, Carpenter, and Paper wasps.

Common Signs of Infestation

  • Buzzing sounds coming from vents, chimneys
  • Small piles of wood shavings or sawdust on the ground or windowsills
  • Entering small cracks or crevices around your property
  • Swarms gathering on shrubs, or under roof overhangs

Our services are designed to safeguard your trees and plants. We want to create a harmonious space for you to enjoy all the places your garden has to offer.

Difference Between a Swarm, Nest, and Hive

Swarm – A large group of worker bees surrounding and protecting the queen while scout searches for a new nesting site. Swarms cluster on tree branches, bushes, houses, etc temporarily.

Nest – The structure bees build using wax combs to contain their eggs, larvae and food stores. Nests can be exposed or enclosed in cavities.

Hive – An enclosed structure made for housing domesticated bee colonies, usually made by beekeepers. Hives contain removable frames and protections from the elements.

Common Types

Honey Bees

Produce and store excess honey. Live together in hives of up to 60,000 workers with one queen. Include various types like Italian, Carniolan, Buckfast.

Bumble Bees 

Nest in small population underground. Make little honey. Fuzzy pollinators best known for their loud buzzing during flight.

Carpenter Bees

Solitary bees that drill holes in wood, logs, and concrete to lay their eggs inside. Resemble bumble bees.

Mason Bees 

Named for their skill in building nests using mud, pollen, or chewed leaves. Important early spring pollinators. Generally docile and non-aggressive.

DIY Removal vs Professional Services

Attempting DIY bee removal method is not recommended. Our licensed technicians have special tools, proven methods and the experience needed to safely eliminate bee infestations. Relying on home remedies could make issues worse. Save yourself the headache and risk – let the pros handle it!

Bee Control Services We Offer

  • Beehive and swarm removal
  • Eliminating carpenter bees in wood
  • Hornet and wasp nest removal
  • Humane extraction and relocation
  • Applying approved insecticidal dusts, foams and sprays
  • Sealing cracks and crevices they use to enter
  • Creating custom prevention plans
  • Offering affordable maintenance agreements
  • Bee hive inspection and removal service


How do you remove hives from a wall?

We use special vacuum equipment to gently extract them without damaging your barrier. Any wax and comb inside will also be removed before sealing entry points.

What is the cost of removing a hive?

Prices start around $250 but can vary based on nest size, location, ease of access and other specifics. We provide free estimates.

What chemicals do you use to get rid of bees?

When needed, we use eco-friendly dusts, foams or sprays approved for use around people and pets. Removal treatment plans are tailored to each unique situation.

Do you meet industry standard when removing hives?

We exceed the standards. We have over 10 years specialising in bee hive removal service. Our licensed techs use the latest techs and methods. This allows the safe extracting of hives at a distance. We don’t make hasty decisions about bee pest control services. Great results are our priority.

What equipment and techniques do you use to remove hives? 

We use commercial-grade vacuums. These gently collect bee swarms without harm. To extract main nests, we may use vacuuming, sprays or comb removal. Our teams wear full protective gear to avoid stings. Safety comes first.

Can you explain your approach to beehive removal and how it aligns with safe beekeeping practices?

Absolutely! Our beehive removal process involves careful extermination treatments that are designed to be minimally invasive, ensuring the safety and health of the bees. We also provide repellent solutions to prevent future infestations. This is important for those with an apiary or beekeeping interests. Our goal is to protect both your property and the bees, adhering to sustainable and responsible beekeeping standards.

What distances are safe?

For outdoor hives in open areas, we stay at least 15 ft away. For hive removal service inside attics, more planning ensures a safe distance.

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